Counselling Children and Young People

Dog and Child When a child is swamped by difficult and muddled feelings it is hard for them to articulate what is troubling them.  They often don’t want to upset their parents by talking to them about their worries and can end up bottling it all up. 

I have experience working with children and young people. I have worked in a school setting with Place2be, a children's counselling organisation, and currently counsel 5-18 year olds for a family mediation service, seeing children and families who are struggling with divorce or separation and related issues.

I aim to look at things from a child or young person's perspective.  We work together, perhaps with the help of drawing, painting or storytelling, to get to the bottom of what their worries are.  These could include bullying, self esteem, poor self image, friendship difficulties, struggles at school, anger issues and sadness at loss of family or pets.  Once out in the open, we talk about ways of managing and these in a positive way.  

The parent has a key role in helping the process. An initial assessment session with the parent gives me the opportunity to gain some background information about the child or young person and where the focus for therapy lies. The counselling session itself is a special time, and for the most part, the specific content will remain confidential unless the child speaks of anything that may put them or someone else in danger.  Parents can help enormously by allowing their child to say as much, or as little, to them as they want to about their time in the session.  
Often, up to six sessions are enough to bring real change, with further support available if needed.  Please contact me if you would like to talk through how I may be able to help.