Counselling Adults

Counselling Adults Many people who see a counsellor for the first time are a bit wary of all the ‘therapy stuff’ and are unsure of how it works.  It can seem daunting and confusing, so many different 'theories', so much choice, when you perhaps just want someone to listen to you, to understand how life is for you right now, and to work with you towards a positive outcome. 

Bottling things up can be draining and exhausting, but sometimes talking to those closest to us is difficult.  As a counsellor I have been trained to listen differently, in a non-judgmental way.  I aim to offer you a safe and secure space to freely express and explore your thoughts and feelings and look at your current coping strategies.  With my support you will be able to see things from a different perspective, gain new insights and clarity, and find possibilities for moving forward.  

How many sessions will be needed? This will be up to you, and will depend on what your needs are. Some people find that as little as three of four sessions can make a real difference. Others may value a longer-term supportive relationship.
Below are some of the issues that I work with. Sometimes they overlap, perhaps making you feel that your bucket is full and one more drop will make it overflow.  

Bereavement / Loss / Anxiety / Depression / Abuse / Self Esteem / Domestic Violence / Divorce / Family Issues / Panic Attacks / Addictions / Parenting / Pet Bereavement / Relationships
Please contact me if you would like to talk more about how counselling could help you in your situation.