Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse Domestic abuse can take many forms; physical, verbal and emotional. It can also happen to anyone. It can happen daily or weekly, or perhaps just now and again and it may be difficult to notice the pattern at first. 

If you recognize that this is where you are now, you may believe that it is partly your fault, or feel daunted at the prospect of facing up to it.  It is often very hard to come to terms with what is happening and make healthy choices for the future. Talking to a counsellor who is non-judgmental can help clarify a way forward that works for you. 

If domestic abuse was part of your past then counselling can help you understand what has happened and deal with the anger and guilt that often arise.

For children and young people who witness abuse it can become ‘normal’ and they may take their experiences with them through to their own relationships in adult life. They often, illogically, feel that they are partly to blame for their parents' difficulties, and find it hard to talk with them about it for fear of upsetting them further.  There can be confusion over the conflicting feelings of loving a parent but knowing that they behave badly.  Counselling in a confidential space can help them understand and work out what is right and what isn't, and build their own sense of self esteem.  

Please contact me if you would like to talk about your situation and find out whether you feel I could be of help to you.