Depression Depression affects many people at some time in their life.  It is more than just having a bad day.  If we are going through a particularly difficult or stressful time we can expect our mood to be lower than it would be normally.  It becomes a concern if we feel persistently low, if we can find no joy in our day to day life, are tearful, irritable, sleep badly and cannot concentrate on anything.

Counselling can be a helpful contribution to overcoming depression.  As a person centred counsellor I believe that we all have a natural tendency to grow and thrive, but sometimes we need to get back on track.  Through a non-judgmental, trusting relationship I aim to help you get in touch with the feelings underlying your depression, to express these and make sense of them and find new ways of looking at the world that you live in.  

We can look at the ‘shoulds’ in your world.  “I ‘should’ be able to cope better, pull myself out of this and enjoy life more.”  Living up to other peoples’ expectations and keeping up appearances can be draining.  My intention is to offer support in moving away from self-defeating assumptions and towards a hopeful future, always at your own pace.